Friday, March 23, 2018


This is that narrow "street" that we walked along that separates the Lapalisse castle wall and the town below it. The house on the left actually had a little "back yard" space between it and the street, and on the day we were there, the occupants' laundry was hanging out to dry.

Here's where we turned back and retraced our steps back up the hill toward the castle.

It was a good day to hang out clothes with mostly sunny skies and dry air. I'm sure that laundry has been hung out to dry since before the days when the castle was built. But they probably didn't use colorful plastic clothespins.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Narrow stair

While walking around the little street that runs between the castle wall and the rest of the town in Lapalisse, we saw this narrow passage that was a stair down to the main street. It was barely wide enough for a person. Somebody on the "rounder side" would have a difficult time. And the stair was steep.

Ken posted a photo of the shuttered building across the street a few days ago. He didn't go down the stair, but continued around the buildings on the left. I didn't get that far with the dog.

I did not attempt the stair since I had Tasha attached to my waist. I don't think she was too interested in going through there, either. That looks like some kind of air conditioning unit installed above the stair between the buildings.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We interrupt this program...

We got a little snow on Monday, so I took the camera out. The sky was leaden gray in the morning and the daylight was weak, but I got a few shots. This is our house looking back from across the little pond where the vines start. One of our roof windows has a radiator directly under it and the other doesn't. That's why one is clear and the other is covered by snow.

You can see that the roads, both paved and dirt, were clear. And the forsythia is in bloom.

Tasha had a good time in the snow. I'm not even sure she noticed the white stuff, but there were many tracks made by critters that were out and about in the wee hours. Tasha stopped and sniffed a lot.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tasha Tuesday

Here's Tasha marveling at the château in Lapalisse. Well, not. She's actually looking in the direction that Ken went, waiting for me to take the photo so we can catch up to him.

Tasha keeps her eye on the spot where Ken disappeared.

The photo is a little distorted. I was using the 24mm wide angle lens and trying to get the top of the castle and the lamp post and the dog all in the frame, semi-successfully. I can't do much correction without losing one thing or another, so this is it.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Street scene

Another view of a typical French street, especially in a small town. Sometimes the streets look like there is no life on them. Closed shutters, no people. But all that belies a life behind closed doors. People do live in these places, but because the quarters are close, they keep things closed up. Until it gets hot outside, then all bets are off.

The flowers give it away. Somebody lives here.

When you visit France, it's easy to think that some of these places are abandoned. But when you live here, you realize that they are indeed inhabited. They're just not open to public view.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Windows and signs

As promised, here is a typical street view. The shutters are closed. It may be a vacation house, or an unoccupied house. Hard to tell. Or maybe the people who live there just like their privacy.

The sign on the door says "beware of dog." Tasha paid no attention.

The blue sign says that the street is one way. I learned that when I got my French driver's license way back when. That would be 2005, by the way. Thirteen years ago. Wow.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

What a load of...

Well, I won't say it. It was nice of the town to designate a spot for Spot. Tahsa didn't need it this time.

Please poop outside the castle walls. Merci.

We did carry plastic bags around with us just in case. Especially at the gîte, since she did her business on the owners' grass. I had to be a good guest and pick up after her.